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Lectures 2014

Friday, 13.3.2015 Lectures, Lectures 2014, Year 2014

It took a while, but finally the videos from last year lectures were published.

A Lecture by Ladislav Salai jr.
Ladislav Salai jr.:
Goddess Caissa was frowning over 15 years
(August 31, 2014, Marianka, Slovakia)

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Bulletin Marianka 2014

Wednesday, 4.2.2015 Bulletins, Year 2014


You can download here the bulletin summarizing the results of composing and solving competitions of the Marianka 2014 festival. It contains also the lectures presented in Marianka.

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Awards of tourneys Marianka 2014

Monday, 17.11.2014 Tourneys, Tourneys 2014, Year 2014

This year there were 5 theme tourney organized in Marianka. Their results can be found here in the form of pdf files. Later they will be included in the bulletin too.

Marianka Cup 2014: A. Marianka Cup 2014 SK, A1. Marianka Cup 2014 EN

TT #2 Marianka 2014: B. TT #2 Marianka 2014 SK

TT s#2 Marianka 2014: C. TT s#2 Marianka 2014 SK

TT h#2,5 Marianka 2014: D. TT h#2,5 Marianka 2014 SK

TT fairy Marianka 2014: E1. TT exo Marianka 2014 EN


Fairy TT Marianka 2014

Saturday, 30.8.2014 Tourneys, Tourneys 2014, Year 2014

Organizers of festival Marianka 2014 announce quick theme tourney for compositions showing unpin in any non-orthodox form. Deadline is set to 2.9.2014, 18:00,  Juraj Lörinc will be the judge. Complete announcement is available at Chess Composition Microweb.



30-day tourney Marianka Festival Cup 2014

Thursday, 31.7.2014 Tourneys, Tourneys 2014, Year 2014

Organizers of festival Marianka 2014 announce theme tourney for compositions with supertransmuting king. Deadline is set to 29.8.2014, Juraj Brabec will be the judge. Details of the announcement are given in the following file (in Slovak and English, updated on the August 21st):

Marianka Cup 2014 announcemement


Registration 2014

Sunday, 18.5.2014 Year 2014

Registration preferably via email before 31.7.2014, sooner better (limited bedroom capacity).



Basic Information 2014

Sunday, 18.5.2014 Year 2014

Welcome at our Chess Compostition Festival Marianka 2014.

For the festival we have chosen humble but nice accommodation as well as moderate prices.

It will be held almost in the forests at Marianka near Bratislava from Saturday evening 30.8.2014 (starts with dinner) till Wednesday 3.9.2014 (closes with lunch). The main activities consist of composing tourneys, lectures, discussion forums and film projection in the late night.

(The composing tourneys will be announced on Saturday evening.)


accommodation (1 person 1 night*) 16 Euro
breakfast 3 Euro
lunch 6 Euro
dinner 4 Euro
tourist tax (per 1 day) (1 deň) 0,5 Euro
*2-bed and 3-bed rooms are available




All activities of the Chess Composition Festival as well as living and food will take place at „Exercičný dom“ (old former monastery) which is about 150 m from the small „main square“ at Marianka (terminal bus stop in the village).


By car or bike. Use the GPS as best way. Marianka is located some 5 km from Bratislava. From there take direction Brno, then you leave the highway at exit „Lamač“, then turn left direction Stupava, then, in Záhorská Bystrica, turn right to Marianka. (There are some free parking places right in front of the building.)


By bus to Bratislava. At the main bus station Bratislava, there are busses every hour to Marianka. It takes about 30 minutes.

Bus station – Marianka (Slovak lines bus)

Or take taxi which costs about 20 to 25 Euro.


By train to Bratislava.

1. Railway station – Bus station (trolleybus no. 210 or bus no. 21)

2. Bus station – Marianka (Slovak lines bus)

Taxi from the railway station to Marianka costs about 15 to 20 Euro.


By plane to the Bratislava airport.

1. Airport – Bajkalska stop (bus 61)

2. Bajkalska stop – Marianka (Slovak lines bus)

Or take taxi which costs from the airport to Marianka about 40 to 50 Euro.


By plane to the Vienna airport.

Take bus to Bratislava (they work very frequently, duration about one hour) and get off at the main bus station Bratislava. From the bus station there are busses every hour to Marianka.



Participants 2014

Sunday, 18.5.2014 Year 2014

Count of participants: 30
Nr. Name Country Year Remark Inserted
1 Dragoun Michal Czech Republic 2014 30.8.2014
2 Fica Alexander Czech Republic 2014 30.8.2014
3 Skoba Ivan Czech Republic 2014 30.8.2014
4 Onkoud Abdelaziz Morocco 2014 30.8.2014
5 Pongrac Georg Austria 2014 30.8.2014
6 Quah James Singapore 2014 30.8.2014
7 Brabec Juraj Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
8 Červenka Marian Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
9 Formánek Bedrich Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
10 Gvozdják Peter Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
11 Havran Jozef Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
12 Jarolín Ivan Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
13 Klemanič Emil Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
14 Kolčák Marek Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
15 Kovalič Ján Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
16 Križovenský Marián Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
17 Labai Zoltán Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
18 Lačný Ľudovít Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
19 Lörinc Juraj Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
20 Mlynka Karol Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
21 Packa Ladislav Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
22 Peitl Tomáš Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
23 Ralík Oliver Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
24 Salai Ladislav Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
25 Širáň Ľubomír Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
26 Svrček Milan Slovakia 2014 30.8.2014
27 Arceva Chrystyna Ukraine 2014 30.8.2014
28 Arceva Oksana Ukraine 2014 30.8.2014
29 Ďačuk Vasyľ Ukraine 2014 30.8.2014
30 Kopyl Valerij Ukraine 2014 30.8.2014


Programme 2014

Sunday, 18.5.2014 Year 2014

(to be completed)


August 30, 2014
arrival and overnight possible,
composing tourneys announcement
August 31, 2014
arrival, registration lectures solving competition movie
September 1, 2014
lectures excursion fairy solving competition movie
September 2, 2014
lectures composing tourneys deadline movie
September 3, 2014
tourney awards, free discussion departure

Preliminary schedule of lectures



Ladislav Salai ml.: Goddess Caissa was frowning over 15 years

James Quah: Set-play in the Swiss theme

Abdelaziz Onkoud: (to be announced)

Ľubo Širáň: Preparation of chess books today

Laco Packa: Two joke problems

Juraj Brabec: Memories of Ľudo Lehen


Ľubo Širáň: How to attract the younger generation to chess composition

Juraj Brabec: The economy of resources in the construction of chess composition

Bedrich Formánek: Photos of chess composers


Michal Dragoun: FTOTF (Fairy threemovers OTF)

Ladislav Salai ml.: H#2 and emigration

Ľudovít Lačný: About two compositions

Juraj Lörinc: Help retractors

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