Thematic tourneys awards 2016

Added 31.8.2016

Check out, please, current versions of awards by H#2 (new versions of 5th Prize and Special Prize) a FAIRIES (correction of technical errors). Awards ordering was not changed.

In 2016 were these thematic tourneys announcement:

TT Marianka 2016 announcement

Here you can download tournyes awards:

Award Marianka CUP 2016

Award Marianka 2016 #2

Award Marianka 2016 H#2

Award Marianka 2016 S#2

Award Marianka 2016 Fairies

30-day tourney Marianka Festival Cup 2016

Organizers of festival Marianka 2016 announce theme tourney for twomovers with fairy pieces with change of play in least three phases and at least two variations. Deadline is set to 17.8.2016, Juraj Brabec will be the judge. Details of the announcement are given in the following file (in Slovak and English):

Marianka Cup 2016 announcement

Awards of tourneys Marianka 2014

This year there were 5 theme tourney organized in Marianka. Their results can be found here in the form of pdf files. Later they will be included in the bulletin too.

Marianka Cup 2014: A. Marianka Cup 2014 SK, A1. Marianka Cup 2014 EN

TT #2 Marianka 2014: B. TT #2 Marianka 2014 SK

TT s#2 Marianka 2014: C. TT s#2 Marianka 2014 SK

TT h#2,5 Marianka 2014: D. TT h#2,5 Marianka 2014 SK

TT fairy Marianka 2014: E1. TT exo Marianka 2014 EN