Awards of tourneys Marianka 2014

This year there were 5 theme tourney organized in Marianka. Their results can be found here in the form of pdf files. Later they will be included in the bulletin too.

Marianka Cup 2014: A. Marianka Cup 2014 SK, A1. Marianka Cup 2014 EN

TT #2 Marianka 2014: B. TT #2 Marianka 2014 SK

TT s#2 Marianka 2014: C. TT s#2 Marianka 2014 SK

TT h#2,5 Marianka 2014: D. TT h#2,5 Marianka 2014 SK

TT fairy Marianka 2014: E1. TT exo Marianka 2014 EN